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Dorfam is introduced as one of the premier manufacturers in the polymer packaging industry. Brilliant history of activity with small and large manufacturers in various industries have caused us to better understand the needs and wants of our producers and have a specific solution in our products accordingly. In the following three sections, we have targeted our activities to be your best choice.
Design, supervision and quality production
Special team to present packaging ideas
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The process of installing a PET bottle as a HOUSE IN on your production line

At Dorfam Company, with sufficient knowledge and having specialists in this field, we provide installation and commissioning services for PET bottle production line in your factory. with this method, we reduce your shipping, packaging and waste costs.

1. Contact with Dorfam
For initial contact with you, you need to contact our consultants.
2. Establish a meeting
We will have a meeting with you to review the situation and assess your needs.
3. Signing a contract
At the end, we will write the agreements to be at your service for installation and supervision.

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Design and production of various polymer packages in cosmetics, food, industrial and …

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