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Ask Dorfam for different types of cosmetic products packaging

As one of the premier designers and manufacturers of polymer packaging products, Dorfam Company, with its specialized design, supervision and production teams, offers a wide range of international-class cosmetic packaging products.

This is the result of experience, technical knowledge and expert team.

In the first stage, you can use the consulting services in our company to order your product so that you can order your own product. With Dorfam, you will experience the best packaging for your products.

Detergents packaging

Good design, safety, good performance and ease of use are the expected features for packing all kinds of detergent products such as: floor and wall surface cleaners, glass cleaners, valve cleaners and etc Dorfam company designs and produces detergent packaging in different sizes.

Washing liquid and dishwashing liquid packaging

Beauty in the design of small size washing dishes and dishwashing liquids, it is very important considering that it can be noticed by people. An attractive and special design can have an effective market penetration for any producer. Dorfam Company, design and production of all kinds of packaging for dishwashing liquids, hand washing, laundry and different sizes for you.

Shampoo packaging

The expectations of the cosmetics industry are high in the field of variety in the types of product packaging, and shampoo is a more special product in this field. To solve this problem, we need the ability to make various molds for the production of various containers and bottles with advanced technology, which we at Dorfam Company have made possible for the owners of the cosmetics industry.

Packaging of cosmetics

Unique design for all kinds of beauty products such as moisturizing and sunscreens, Hydrating’s, body splashes, makeup cleansing solutions, etc., is done by Dorfam company with the best design, reasonable price, perfect production.

Polymer packaging in a wide range of cosmetic products

There is a wide variety of cosmetics, personal care and personal care products that can be marketed in polymer packaging and with the help of many advantages of this type of packaging to grow your business. Dorfam company is by your side in this field. You can contact our expert team to introduce the best options to you.

Benefits of working with Dorfam

Advanced technology
We use the newest technology and advanced machines in production.
Provide packaging solutions
We offer a variety of solutions that differentiate your packaging.
Brilliant production history
During these years, we have cooperated with a variety of large and small brands.
Our products meet all the requirements of a global company.

Free consultation of packaging

If you have questions about packaging your products and need more guidance, you can fill out the form below so we can contact you at the first opportunity for free to provide advice and guidance.

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