Industrial and chemical

Ask Dorfam for different types of industrial and chemical products packaging

Dorfam Company, as one of the premier designers and manufacturers of various types of polymer packaging products, with its technical knowledge and brilliant history, offers a wide range of industrial packaging products with world-class design and production quality. In the first stage, you can use the consulting services of this company to order your product so that you can order a specific product. With Dorfam, you will experience the best packaging for your products

Engine oil packaging

Ask Dorfam to design and produce various types of packaging for engine oils and petrochemical materials in different capacities and sizes. All Dorfam products are designed and produced in technical and monitoring units.

toxins and pesticides of Packaging

The packaging of pesticides used for industrial and domestic purposes is designed and produced by the design team of Dorfam. Prior to request, you can benefit from a free packing consultation.

Alcohol and disinfectant packaging

These days, due to the spread of the corona virus, many disinfectants are produced in the country, each of which is designed and produced according to their application. Dorfam will accompany you with new ideas in this way.

Polymer packaging in a wide range of industrial and chemical products

There is a wide variety of industrial and chemical products that can be marketed in polymer packaging and with the help of many advantages of this type of packaging to grow your business. Dorfam company is by your side in this field. You can contact our expert team to introduce the best options to you.

Benefits of working with Dorfam

Advanced technology
We use the newest technology and advanced machines in production.
Provide packaging solutions
We offer a variety of solutions that differentiate your packaging.
Brilliant production history
During these years, we have cooperated with a variety of large and small brands.
Our products meet all the requirements of a global company.

Free consultation of packaging

If you have questions about packaging your products and need more guidance, you can fill out the form below so we can contact you at the first opportunity for free to provide advice and guidance.

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