Packaging methods

Various packaging capabilities and methods are Support for Dorfam Company for production

Dorfam Company is one of the premier activists in the field of production of PET products, which has been able to leave a good record due to its capabilities and packaging methods. We guarantee you the best packaging products by supervision the design, molding and production process. You can also benefit from our company’s consulting services before ordering the product.

Familiarity with the capabilities and methods of packaging with polymer products

To produce polymer products and use them in packaging of various products, Dorfam Company offers various solutions to food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical manufacturers. Achieving such a goal requires capabilities, which we address here. In the following, we will get acquainted with some of the capabilities and packaging methods that differentiate this company from other companies active in the production of polymer products.

Applied and beauty design of the product

Creative and attractive packaging can make the product easier to sell. Attracting customers’ attention in this field is done with the help of innovative and professional designs. These designers must have high experience and skill in using all types of computer software and design tools. The designer of the polymer product must also be aware of the characteristics of the raw material material as well as the molding process of the polymer products.

Product design ideas in Dorfam Company are based on the type of product, product marketing, consumption method and manufacturer’s opinions. Our creative designers develop the idea into the product market. From the first designs, our focus is on the technical facilities and ease of production, color and shape of the product. These ideas can be related to the local characteristics of the product sales market, in a traditional style or based on the development of the product market in modern and conceptual forms.

Product modeling and simulation

After designing, it is time to build the model and simulate to achieve maximum product efficiency. The use of computer models shows us whether the end product meets the needs of our customers or not. Using these virtual and computer methods will save you time and money.

PET bottle molding

At Dorfam company, we prefer to make production tools ourselves with the latest technologies. One of these PET bottle production tools is the product mold that is used in the plastic injection process. Molding is a specialized process that is performed by experienced mold makers in Dorfam company. Mold makers of PET products must be able to make all kinds of blow and injection molds so that the final product is produced with the highest accuracy and the least amount of waste.

Speed in producing and sending products

Due to having specialized staffes in the fields of design and molding, Dorfam Company manufactures the required molds for the custom PET product in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality and accuracy and provides them to the product line. We can also generate large quantities of your orders in the shortest possible time and send them to you anywhere in Iran.

Internal production line methods in your factory

One of the most important capabilities of Dorfam Company, which can be of great benefit to various industries and manufacturing companies, is to provide a method for the domestic production line of PET products and its implementation. After consulting and examining all aspects, we can install the required equipment to produce for you in factory site. Maintenance and supervision of execution is also the responsibility of Dorfam. Some of the benefits of this methods are:

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Reduce warehousing costs
  • Increase the speed of action in production

3D printer machine

Variety of 3D printers, Used in product design and prototype production stages.

Variety in polymer products

Variety in polymer products is one of the capabilities and packaging methods in Dorfam company. We produce a wide range of products for various pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and chemical industries. In the following, you will get acquainted with some of the product groups of Dorfam Company:

Suitable bottles for a variety of beverages

In Dorfam company, different types of PET bottles according to the type of beverage product, the method of use and the desired volume are produced. These bottles are used to package various beverages, some of which are: Carbonated drinks, Fruit juice, Lemonade, beer, Mohito, rose water and yoghurt.

Types of dairy products

PET bottles suitable for packaging dairy products, must have all the necessary features in the field of product health. These bottles are used to package milk, cocoa milk and coffee milk.

Care products at home

These products consist of various types of bottles for shampoo, Vitex, dishwashing liquid, laundry liquid, laundry liquid, carpet shampoo, glass washing liquid and toilet cleaner

Food products

Polymer bottles and containers have a wide range of applications in the food industry. These products are used in packaging of various foods, some of which are: cocoa powder, Chewing gum, Types of spices, Types of sauces, marmalade, Types of jams, Salt and pickles.

pharmaceutical products

Many pharmaceutical companies package their products in polymer bottles. Types of pill cans and capsules with ordinary lids, Custom or child lock doors are in this group.

chemical products

Among the types of polymer bottles, we can mention bottles of toxins and engine oil

cosmetic products

Types of lotions, Perfumes And hand and face creams are in this group.

Free consultation of packaging

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