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At Dorfam, we have tried to be in full compliance with international standards and national production regulations in terms of production processes, services and products. We train our employees periodically to ensure that they are aware of the principles of quality and the implementation of these principles.

Quality evaluation in Dorfam company by performing various tests such as: Torque test, falling test, Leak test, Heat and cold test, polarized light test, Thickness measurement, Water penetration test, Color test, Weight and volume measurement, Vertical test, Heavy metal measurement in product, ESCR test, MFI test and SST test. Therefore, we are proud to offer the highest quality products to our customers. Satisfying you with the quality of products and services is our first goal at Dorfam.

The importance of quality- based in polymer packaging products

In the polymer packaging industry, quality-based products are used in various production processes. The importance of quality control in these processes is directly related to the desired characteristics of the product, the quality of raw materials and their characteristics, and the health and durability of the product, which is to be packaged with polymer products.

Our goal in Dorfam Company, coordinating all types of polymer products with the needs of customers and providing the requirements of national and international standards. Compliance with standards and receiving the necessary licenses in this field, in addition to gaining credit for Dorfam, provides satisfaction and security to customers who buy the final packaged product. In the following, we will get knew with the reasons for the importance of quality-based in packaging.

Quality control of packaging

Manufacturers of packaging products that make cans, bottles and plastic containers for the medical, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries face national and global competition. For this reason, packaging quality managers put ongoing reviews and process improvements on their agenda to ensure product quality. Some of the challenges of quality control in packaging are:

  • Constantly changing customer needs, such as: Increased durability, ease of use, ordering products with complex appearance features, high quality graphics and new shapes and sizes.
  • Demand for durable and lightweight materials
  • Scattering of production facilities geographically
  • Need to multiple quality control tools
  • Increase the cost of raw materials
  • Receiving various production licenses
  • Receiving various international standards

Package quality control managers, by monitoring all stages of production processes prevent the occurrence of any defects. They also reduce crop production time and production waste and increase production efficiency. Improving the quality of packaging products reduces marketing costs by increasing sales.

Quality-based packaging in the food industry

One of the famous slogans in the food industry is: The quality of food packaging is equal to the quality of foodstuff. Many foods before reaching the consumer, sometimes they travel hundreds of kilometers and may remain in their packaging for days or even months before the expiration date.

Quality food packaging is very important in terms of protecting food and maintaining its freshness and taste.If the food product does not reach the consumer with acceptable quality, food producers and other people in the supply chain will suffer and the health of consumers will be endangered. The most important characteristics that should be controlled in food packaging are:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Performance

A company that produces packaging products must be aware of the characteristics of the food such as storage time, storage in different conditions and method of consumption. Questions that can be provide features of quality-based packaging to help the food industry include:

  • What type of food should be packaged?
  • What type of protection do you want to provide?
  • Do you need opaque packaging or can it be transparent?
  • How to the product design?
  • How long does the product last?
  • What is the method of consuming the product?
  • How is the distribution chain intended for the product?
  • What is the condition of product maintenance and transportation?

Guarantee the quality of packaging in the pharmacy industry

Packaging is defined as the element that covers the product from production to consumption. This issue is especially sensitive and important in the pharmaceutical industry. Constant chemical formula of the pharmaceutical product and ensuring the health of consumers, with the health of the product and maintaining its quality is one of the essential items in the packaging of pharmaceutical materials. The importance of packaging in the pharmaceutical industry can be mentioned as follows:

  • Protects the quality of drug
  • Protects the drug from physical and biological damage
  • Provides correct information and product identification code

Pharmaceutical packaging should be designed so that it is not exposed to gases such as oxygen or nitrogen. For pharmaceutical products, it is recommended to avoid exposure to light, gases and moisture; Because these cases can have dangerous consequences. For each medicinal product, there are defined instructions for storage and use, which must be labeled on the package.

Details of quality control in companies producing packaging products

At Dorfam company, we have been able to provide the ideal conditions to achieve the goal of quality-based by benefiting from a qualified work team such as expertise, skills and management. In this company, each of the production processes, separately with precision measuring tools, are examined and monitored. Some of the tools needed to control the quality of the production process of polymer products and other packaging products are:

  • Gas chromatography device: Determination of the concentration of gases released from preforms such as acetaldehyde gas is done by this device.
  • Viscometer device: Measuring the viscosity of polyethylene terephthalate materials such as: Intrinsic, Relative, decreased, Internal and special viscosity possible.
  • Intravis device: Physical testing of preforms in terms of height, Thickness, Thread size, Color, Infrared and ultraviolet waves, using 5 cameras at 5 angles.
  • Negatoscope device: Used to examine preforms in terms of body and color.
  • Polarization device: Shows wavelengths and preform spectra.

Sustainability in the field of production of polymer products requires obtaining national and global production licenses. Also, companies that want to export their products must be pioneers in achieving global standards such as CE and ISO. Some important and necessary standards in this field include these standards:

  • ISO 9001 quality management system
  • FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational safety and health protection management system
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management System
  • ISO 15378 Raw material management system Packaging of pharmaceutical products
  • ISO 8317 Child resistant packaging

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