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Polymer packaging has a great variety and with the components of innovation and attractiveness in shape and design, quality and precise performance in maintaining and presenting the final product, creates a tremendous impact on the expansion of the target market. the Dorfam polymer complex established by managers with 20 years of experience and accurate knowledge of the polymer packaging industry on area of 14,000 square meters and a production area of 11,000 square meters according to the international standards of this profession, in the Caspian industrial town of Qazvin. Dorfam company focus on quality and innovation, to provide a variety of polymer products to their customers. We are proud to be with our customers before presenting the final product to the market, and to share all our experiences and expertise with them to achieve a complete, beautiful, functional and effective packaging in the market. We become the supplier of their polymer packaging items and we always keep the packaging of their products up to date.

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