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Dorfam; From experience to expertise in the production of PET bottles

With an acceptable track record in manufacturing various types of PET bottles, Dorfam has been able to gain a lot of experience by relying on the expertise of its employees. We make this experience available in consulting services with manufacturers in various industries when you order PET products.

Based on the needs of its customers, depending on the industry in which they operate, Dorfam Company supervises the design steps of PET bottles molds, from the creation of samples based on 3D printing to the installation of the molds and the production of the final product, the best packaging products in design, colors, and volume, relying on its advanced and fully automated machinery, and guarantees its customers the use of an oil-free compressed air system in the production and delivery phases of PET bottles.

To order a product or receive advice, all you need to do is contact the Product Ordering Department or Consulting Services, which will offer you the best PET products with the highest quality and at a competitive price.

The colorful world of PET bottles

PET Bottles are a group of plastic PET bottles made from PET or polyethylene terephthalate to make their preforms. These PET bottles are recyclable and are used in various industries due to their numerous benefits. Industries that use PET bottles in the packaging sector include the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and healthcare industries.

PET Bottles Classification

PET Bottles can be categorized in some ways. For example, a manufacturer may use these PET bottles in different industries and organize the product or contents of the PET bottle into soft drink PET bottles, buttermilk PET bottles, juice PET bottles, alcohol PET bottles, rose water PET bottles, mineral water PET bottles, cooking oil PET bottles, salt PET bottles, pickle PET bottles, jam PET bottles, jam PET bottles, car oil PET bottles, radiator water PET bottles, all types of medications, detergents, spices, poisons, small capacity PET bottles, and large capacity PET bottles.

Another way to categorize these products is by their volume. This type of classification is not very accurate and depends on the manufacturer and the customer’s needs. For example, some companies divide PET bottles into different volumes: 20 to 100 ccs, 101 to 500 ccs, 501 ccs, to 1 liter, 1 to 1.5 liters, 2 to 3 liters, and 4 to 5 liters. Below we will familiarize ourselves with one of the classification systems based on different types of applications.


Innovation and differentiation play an essential role in the beverage industry. The level of demand in this industry is directly related to the type of product packaging in terms of its technical characteristics and design. Good performance, lightweight of PET bottles, easy handling, innovative design, sustainable production, and recyclability are some of the features that the manufacturers should consider in this sector. At competitive prices, Dorfam offers you the best packaging in the field of PET bottles for all types of beverages.

Milk and Dairy

Complete product protection, beautiful PET bottle design, suitable conditions for PET bottle transportation are the essential requirements for dairy product packaging, and the use of oil free in the production of milk PET bottles and dairy products is necessary. On the other hand, the public is very concerned about the health of dairy products, and as we said, PET products with the method of producing clean compressed air are among the best products in the packaging industry in terms of health.

Home care products and detergents

Good design, safety, proper performance, and ease of use are the common characteristics for packaging various personal care and cleaning products. Optimal disposal of product residues and recycled PET materials are also essential in the manufacture of PET bottles and containers in this sector.


The production of food packaging in terms of the type of food, the use of product packaging, and the variety of food is a challenge for PET manufacturers of containers and PET bottles and food producers. Meeting customers’ requirements and tastes and legal and health regulations are also crucial in this context. The use of PET materials in the food packaging industry is also constantly increasing.

Beauty Care Products

The expectations of the cosmetics industry in terms of the variety of product packaging are high. To meet this demand, this is necessary to produce a wide range of molds for the production of containers and PET bottles using advanced technology. At Dorfam we have made this possible for the owners of the cosmetics industry.

Industrial and chemical packaging

The market for various industries such as windshield wipers, antifreeze, distilled water, etc., requires packaging with sufficient strength and safety at the same time, it is nice that the transparency of the packaging and the visibility of the product inside is an essential issue in the market. PETs in various shapes and sizes that allow easy handling are a suitable solution.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

Packaging of solid and liquid drugs from syrups, herbal extracts, tablets, capsules, and powders is possible with PET containers and PET bottles and is currently widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Care in designing and obtaining approvals in this area is very important.

PET bottles price

Prices for PET bottles vary according to weight, volume, design, color, strength, and application characteristics. However, this type of packaging is much cheaper than other types of packaging, such as glass PET bottles, metal PET bottles, and even pneumatically injected polyethylene PET bottles. Also, PET bottles cost less if you order them in bulk.

Advantages of using PET bottles in packaging of various products

The PET bottles have advantages over other types of storage PET bottles due to the properties of the raw material from which they are made, which has attracted customers. Some of the benefits of using PET bottles in the packaging industry are:

  • Shatter resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Resistance to cold and heat
  • Resistance to gas penetration
  • Deficient weight
  • More volume
  • Less expensive than glass and metal containers
  • Deficient absorption of product taste
  • Reusability
  • Possibility to produce in different sizes
  • Possibility to produce in different shapes

Is PET bottles raw material toxic؟

PET Polyethylene terephthalate is a biologically neutral substance and does not cause skin allergies. It is not dangerous if swallowed or inhaled. In addition to humans, this substance does not pose a toxicity hazard to animals or other living organisms. Also, the results of Ames experiments and a study on synthetic DNA have shown that PET has no destructive effect on the structure of genes.

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